Mid-America CSL Series

Unique long panel recessed design with the elegant look of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Classic design and striking eye appeal for any home.

long panel garage door with windows

CSL Series available in these door grades:

  • 2500 (Good)
  • Regal (Better)
  • Celebrity (Best)
  • Vantage (Premium)

Colors available for each door grade:

  • White: 2500, Regal, Celebrity and Vantage
  • Almond: 2500, Regal, Celebrity, and Vantage
  • Sandstone: 2500, Regal, Celebrity, and Vantage
  • Sahara: 2500, Regal and Vantage
  • Brown: Regal, Celebrity, and Vantage
  • Cherry: Regal and Vantage
  • Terrastone: Regal and Vantage
  • Black: Regal and Vantage
  • Country Red: Regal and Vantage
  • Dark Walnut: Regal and Vantage

CSL Series offers many different window selections

long windows for mid america garage door