Grove City Garage Door® Inc. not only has a State of Ohio trademark but now also owns a U.S. Federal trademark on the name Grove City Garage Door®.

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**Any use of the term Grove City Garage Door without express permission from Grove City Garage Door Inc. will result in legal action. 

Reason for our Federal Trademark:
Grove City Garage Door® Inc. noticed on the internet that there were several other companies using our name to do advertising for themselves. We also noticed that Google would not honor our local trademark when other companies used our trademark in pay to click advertising. We decided to go through the process of getting our trademark registered so that we could combat against other companies using our trademark name we thought of over 16 years ago. We wanted to protect what we have worked so hard to maintain: a trustworthy reputation, reliable customer recommendations, and our company. We would appreciate all companies to refrain from using our trademark, we are not in the lawyer business we are in the garage door business. We will protect our trademark by using our corporate lawyer if we have to, we prefer not to.

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